Why Scrappy Coco is a Hero

by | Nov 9, 2009 | Movies, Stories

Scrappy Coco shouldn’t only be remembered because of his bush and testicles and the fact that he’s giving every senior citizen one good favor- a free sex service after the haircut. The Zohan has his own propaganda- Lather. Rinse. Save the world.




Here are some of my reasons why Scrappy Coco should not just be the older women’s hero.


  • Scrappy Coco doesn’t want to fight anymore, the only thing he wants is to work for Paul Mitchell, cut hair and please the senior citizens.


  • Scrappy Coco has the balls to tell his fellowmen that he is tired about the never-ending war between the Israelites and the Palestinians- that he doesn’t want to get connected to more bombings and killings. He is an inspiration to all the soldiers in the world who use drugs, undergo methadone detox and other psychiatric proceedings after facing trauma in the battlefields. He aspires to make the world silky smooth.


  • Scrappy Coco proves to the world that we can still live together in the same street or house even if we belong to different races.


Scrappy Coco at the salon


  • Scrappy Coco teaches every man that having a penis also means making every girl happy, even if she’s fifty years older than you.


  • Scrappy Coco is a hero because takes care of animals, especially goats.


  • Scrappy Coco teaches every man that to be a man doesn’t mean being in battlefields and killing people- to be a man is to have the courage to fight for your dream even if you have to cut hair and be a successful hair stylist.


  • Scrappy Coco teaches us that Mariah is really not a bitch, as others think she is.


  • Scrappy Coco teaches us about love and loving the owner of the house you are living in.


Scrappy Coco Dancing


  • Scrappy Coco teaches us that every woman craves to be pampered. That older women still have some craving for sex aside from getting their hair done.


  • Scrappy Coco teaches us that your hot boss will soon be your hot girlfriend.


To Scrappy Coco, you’re not a piece of crap, actually, you should be a hero. You’re not just a piece of testicle, you’re an anti-war activist, a disco advocate and a passionate lover of the senior citizens. Long live Scrappy Coco!

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  1. brittanyjedney

    I love this movie and on how they make the sad stuff that is happening into a comedy that you get to learn from. I commend this review

  2. erika

    it’s not large testicles he has, it’s his bush.

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