Art and Entertainment: Why You Should Spend Money on Art

by | Feb 8, 2010 | Stories

(Drinking great soda while at the point of being “artistic”)

Imagine arguing with Plato about art not being an imitation. Imagine making love with lines, colors, forms and finally, meanings. Imagine defining sex in horizontal lines. Imagine exploring deaths, half-deaths, and love. Finally, imagine abstract art.

Before abstract art, there was classical art the use of nature as its model. Pablo Picasso, who was considered a famous figure in the world of arts, specifically abstract painting, showed resistance against classical art, defied nature and pursued his imagination. Every artist craving for artistic and philosophical development resulted in experimentation and then, the birth of abstract art.

From classical art to the evolution of abstract art, and from cubism to pure abstraction, artists started to find their own identities and artistic growth. Today, the debate between classical art and abstract art is still discussed in the four corners of the classroom, in art societies and in the judgment of pop culture. There is still an existing competition of between images of nature and images of the painter’s imagination and while abstract artists are highly recognized in the middle class and in the world of academics, the lower class are still in the process of accepting abstract art as creative and philosophical distortions and not merely as meaningless distortions.

And so, amidst all the controversies regarding acceptance and recognition of the masses towards abstract paintings, artists continue to survive and wander in the spaces of their canvasses.

Imagination is definitely a matter of survival and so is painting. Abstract painting is merely dependent on the artist’s imagination, of the worlds he inhabited, created and destroyed, of the images he killed and resurrected. He lives in every side of the canvass and in every stroke of the brush. HE IS IMMORTAL.

(While lying on the couch, thinking about visiting an art gallery or museum or whatever you call it)

Whether you’re an artist, a trying hard artist, an art enthusiast or another being who wants to hang a few good artworks in your office, you have to agree that abstract paintings shouldn’t only be found in art museums and galleries. In fact, your house can be transformed into an art gallery. The only difference between the public art galleries you usually visit and your very own personal art gallery is that you can eat, drink and watch TV inside. What a relief.

If you are planning to get new paintings for your house, involve yourself in another type of art and get some good abstract paintings. Maybe it’s time for you to forget about your landscapes, white lilies, cuddly dogs, and waterfalls hanging on your walls. Ever wonder why abstract paintings play with colors and forms? Perhaps this is because of the fact that abstract artists tend to instill philosophical and metaphorical senses within the artworks.

If you’re still in doubt about hanging abstract paintings in your house, then maybe you need stronger motivation and a little sip of soda. By saying strong motivation, I mean giving you time to look at different abstract paintings. Investing in abstract paintings is a good deal since it brings out the artistic and the passionate side of you. Therefore I conclude that art paintings, specifically abstract paintings, could be a good investment.

Why buy and hang abstract paintings? Well, why not? Our respect and devotion towards art is a living testimony of every human’s artistic inclination and senses. And well, hanging paintings is another human act of appreciation.

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  1. neubauer1992

    Wow, this really amazes the shit out of me! This read really inspires me to paint some more

  2. viaseseendy

    What a blogpost!! Very informative… Looking for more posts like this!! Do you have twitter or an RSS feed?
    Anyway thank you for this info.

  3. Thea Sorroche

    Definitely. I also want to have a house like that. I think that would be cool man^

  4. dom

    I loved this sentence:

    “In fact, your house can be transformed into an art gallery.”

    That’s sort of what I’m planning to do. Sort of re-decorate the house to a very minimalistic design with A LOT of paintings around the walls. I intend to get the wall of my bedroom completely covered in artwork (naturally – going for abstract for the whole place), one that consists of 2, maybe 3 parts (so therefore they’ll be rather large).

    Think this would look any good? :X

  5. kenji kobaayshi

    Yeah, you are right about the point were many people are more influenced to appreciate ART due to commercialism that in the mind of commoner and ART consumers that works that are published or advertised are more worth appreciating for or have more value… well Thea I have another issue or question about ART that are influenced due to commercialism and buying ART pieces ” If an ART is made due to the influence of commercialism but the work is great and I can appreciate it’s beauty and it’s worth buying for thus it lessen the meaning of ART itself or it means I must not buy it because it’s influence is not purely ART?”
    just pops out of my mind.=D

  6. Gerald

    I really wanted to paint my poetry into abstract painting teya, ^_^
    then i would hang them in my house…

  7. Thea Sorroche

    Yes, Kenji i do understand your point. I just wanted other people to see more about art. The post is basically focused on buying art pieces and art in its commercialism influenced world.

  8. kenji kobaayshi

    In my opinion ART is not bound to any social acceptance to be appreciated, ART is the reflection of its creator therefore an ART that was appreciated by its own creator is more than enough. if an ART is appreciated by others well its gratifying. ART is also bound to discrimination like a person but it doesn’t mean it lost its meaning for ART exist if humanity exist as well. No need to worry for the one who knows what is ART, ART will be appreciated.

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