Music Review: Rendezvous and Electro pop

Music Review: Rendezvous and Electro pop

Rendezvous is not just another electro pop genre influenced band. There are actually two best words that describe the band’s music: not stereotypical and experimental.

When you listen to other pop songs, you just can’t help but remember other stereotypical pop bands. It’s a basic human instinct, you tend to compare and relate. This instinct is the same when we listen to music-we criticize. That is how I listen to Rendezvous– I offer a critique.

The Rendezvous band is able to produce singles that are definitely beyond what is defined as “not stereotypical”. The different yet calming groove of each song makes it easier for you to love the genre and each of the band member’s talent. Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg are just confident with their musical talent that they are motivated enough to try experimenting with the band’s genre.

If you want to listen to a different electronica band, then Rendezvous is another band definitely not worth ignoring for. Listen to their music and learn to understand why you should listen to their upcoming album.



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Why Metal Fans Should Give ElectroPop A Chance

Why Metal Fans Should Give ElectroPop A Chance

When a woman is bored, she either go shop or listens to music. I say listen to music, then go shopping.

There are three things that come to my mind each time I hear the word metal- heavy (the normal LSD inspired term way back when LSD was the thing), lullaby (because I tend to sleep when I hear loud screams and heavy riffs when I’m on my bed) and love (because it’s marked as counterculture and I believe that one of the primary aims of metal is to seek their own reality, to create reality by starting to create what is unreal).


Metal, in its sweetest form, is love. It’s an obsession to destroy and recreate reality. It’s an obsession that motivates another obsession. And while metal is a misunderstood genre- mostly by the conservative society who believes that metal is influenced by a satanic force, that those who love the genre is automatically considered satanic, metal as a genre continues to survive.

Here’s another subgenre that makes me think of clouds- shoegaze. While shoegaze band members tend to look down on their shoes while performing in their detached state of mind, thus shoegazing, I am thinking of clouds. I’m enjoying the fact that each morning, I’m shoegazing with Swervedriver, My Bloody Valentine and other shoegaze bands.


And while metal and shoegaze alter my subconscious mind, I am currently in a quest to understand electro pop. Electro pop is another genre which ignites a little curiosity in me. It’s a pop culture genre yet slowly I connect myself to pop culture, to understand pop culture in its beautiful form. And here’s the time when I listen to Rendezvous.

Let me tell you about the Rendezvous Band. Rendezvous is basically an electro pop influenced band which struggles to introduce a new impression on the world of music. Listen to Rendezvous and you’ll surely feel a different kind of music, soothing and definitely calming. The band features Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg as the two members who are able to mix their craft together. There are actually tow best words to describe their music- experimental and instrumental. The word Rendezvous is defined as a meeting planned at a certain time and place. Perhaps each member has its own desire to create perfect music, experimenting on different forms and then end up with a beautiful piece. Listen to Rendezvous and feel the music. Another reason to listen to Rendezvous especially if you’re a fan of Depeche Mode, is that they collaborated with the producer Dave Bascombe who was also the mixer and producer of the popular band.

While electro pop is definitely a different thing compared to metal, every genre struggles to CREATE, RECREATE and CREATE again.

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