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Don’t believe in your Science teacher when she tells you about the stars being ten thousand light years away from the earth. She’s actually lying. Tell her the stars are just a few clicks away. Tell her more about the 1click2fame talent competition so she can have a clear picture of what you are talking about.


Yes, the next star might be just living in your neighborhood. If you’re from Lancashire, the fame capital of UK, then maybe you should learn a little history about your place. reported by 1ClicktoFame as the hotspot “for producing superstars per capita than anywhere else in the country”. Now, that’s interesting.

Please stop convincing yourself that Ozzy Osbourne is from another universe or John Lennon was from another planet. The FAME100 Talent Map reveals Britain’s hotspots of talented musicians and actors. Every city is represented by celebrities that are highly recognized all over the world. And I’m not just talking about Ozzy here, I’m talking about James Blunt, Leona Lewis, Guy Ritchie, the guys of Duran Duran, Paul McCartney and many more famous stars. Well, what can I say? The United Kingdom is definitely the home of shining stars, not the black outer space.

To continue the legacy, the 1Click2Fame online talent competition is accepting professional performance videos featuring a wide range of talents, from dancing and singing to the most creative performances of artists. It’s an online voting, so it’s important to be friendly in online communities for you to get their votes. The FAME100 Talent Map is the living testimony that UK owns talented individuals. 

Imagine this scene- you giving your best shot in front of the camera, uploading the video and then after a few weeks or months, you’re more popular than Ozzy Osbourne. How’s that for a successful career?

Next time, when you are asked if the stars are actually blinking or where the brightest stars really are, tell them they’re all in UK.

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Why You Shouldn’t Hate Yoko Ono

Why You Shouldn’t Hate Yoko Ono



One important thing that foreign countries should remember is this: Yoko Ono is not a witch (as other John Lennon fans called her) and so are the other Asian women.

The love affair of John Lennon and Yoko Ono was considered an honor to the Asian countries while to others, it was purely witchcraft. When you visit other sites related to the Beatle, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and controversies about his love affair, the fans have the same comments:

  • Yoko Ono is a bitch
  • Yoko Ono is an Asian witch
  • Yoko Ono is too ugly to be John Lennon’s wife
  • Yoko Ono was dominating John Lennon, becoming the reason why his career was not soaring high when she became his wife
  • Yoko Ono is a no good artist- with lame songs and lame artworks , therefore she has no right to insult Paul McCartney.


Yoko is not a bitch and definitely not an Asian witch (though she claims she is, releasing a song entitled ‘Yes, I’m a witch”, (not Asian witch) as an ironic reply to those who keep throwing negative comments against her). She is an activist for peace, knowing the fact that she grew up fighting wars. She is an artist and is under a lot of influences and collaborations with other artists and groups. She directed sixteen films and is considered an explorer of conceptual art and performance art. Perhaps her personality as an artist was one of the strong reasons why John Lennon was deeply in love with her that he even wrote a song dedicated to Yoko Ono. Isn’t it possible for both artists fell in love with each other that’s why others can’t understand why John Lennon is into Yoko?


John Lennon with Yoko Ono


Yoko and John’s former wife, Cynthia, never had a good relationship together. Cynthia once accused of dominating John and enjoying her complete control over him, saying he was into strong women like Yoko. After John’s death, Cynthia Lennon later released a memoir entitled “A Twist of Lennon”.

When Yoko made a speech in an awards night and proudly narrated how John Lennon felt bothered why more artists are covering Paul McCartney’s songs than his, McCartney felt insulted and their relationship got worse. To quote Yoko: “John was very human. In the middle of the night, he would say, ˜They always cover Paul’s songs, they never cover mine’. I said to him “You’re a good songwriter, It’s not June-with-spoon that you write. You’re a good singer too. Most musicians would be a bit nervous about covering your songs.”

I believe Yoko did not mean to insult Paul. It was merely a gentle woman’s way to console her beloved. One thing: I don’t believe that John Lennon was insecure about Paul’s songwriting skills. Just the fact that he thought about the guy late at night before he slept makes it a living testimony of the Beatle’s respect to another Beatle. Another thing: Yoko was not the one to blame why Paul McCartney and John Lennon never recorded together again or why the Beatles broke up. It’s like blaming boy bands why they’re boy bands. Or blaming Lucifer for being evil.  Ask Paul instead of blaming Asians and calling them names just because you hate Yoko.

Some of Yoko Ono’s works (and why you should stop hating her):


  • Yoko Ono’s book has a book that features her personal experiences during the Hiroshima bombing and the Second World War II.


  • Yoko Ono is an activist for peace and equality. I believe that she was John Lennon’s positive influence in his songs.


  • She’s an exceptional artist


“Painting to Be Slept On” by Yoko Ono.

  • She writes books about art


Yoko Ono's Books


Yoko Ono's Books


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