Dr. Martens Fashion, Punk Culture and Violent Films

Dr. Martens Fashion, Punk Culture and Violent Films

Grasses make me feel sleepy.  No, Sheldon Cooper, grasses make me feel sleepy, not your fabric conditioner or your soft kitty song.


Bleaching and Acid Washed Skirt


This is a soft denim acid washed skirt that I bought from a thrift store.  Acid washed skirts became popular in the late 1980s.  Acid washing is similar to bleaching – breaking the fiber of the material creating white streaks.

The term “acid-washed” is actually a misnomer since no acid is used during the process. Due to the revival of 1980s and 1990s fashion style, today’s women street fashion include tattered jeans and acid-washed pairs of denim. You can check cool DIY bleached and tattered jeans on Pinterest.


Dr. Martens and Pop Culture


Not of a die-hard fan of skinheads or punk culture but it feels so good to wear them now without being labeled.  Today it’s becoming mainstream. Wearing a pair of docs became too mainstream when Miley Cyrus wore hers in her controversial “Wrecking Ball” video.  People hated her for murdering music and Dr. Martens.

Cannibal Ferox and Violent Films


Considered as one of the most violent films in the 1980s, Cannibal Ferox was banned in 31 countries for explicitly showing animal torture and slaughter with disturbing violent images. The film is another video showing cannibalism and filmmakers’ attempts to introduce torture films to the general audience.  I hate violence, I love the shirt though. Bought this awesome shirt from SplatterClothing Choppingmall.  Hopefully, they’ll have BTK shirts soon.


Dr Martens Style
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Why Fashion Socks (And All The Frills) Are Making A Comeback

Why Fashion Socks (And All The Frills) Are Making A Comeback

 I feel nostalgic. Frilly socks or bobby socks can bring such a very terrible nostalgia. Lace socks remind me of school girls back in the 90s who classically wore their frilly socks and loafers or a pair of Mary Janes. Today lacy socks and knee high socks are common even for girls who aren’t school girls anymore.

Jordans and Frilly Socks


White socks appear vintage and most girls traditionally wear them with their Mary Janes or boots. Let me do the honor to break that tradition. I’m wearing my frilly socks with my pair of Air Jordan shoes and I feel amazing, like what Alex feels each time he drinks that milk plus with something else.

Dr. Martens 1461 Cherry Red


I’m wearing my Doc Martens 1461 Cherry Red Smooth paired with my ribbon ruffle socks. In 1950s, most girls wore their lacy socks with their loafers or Oxfords for the socks to be visible because your socks are basically a part of your whole outfit.


Dr. Martens Mary Jane and Frilly Socks

White socks are conventional, they’re fascinating though. The best thing about white socks is that you can pair them with any type of shoes. It’s interesting how white socks remind me of the Korova Milk Bar where Alex and his droogs drink milk mixed with something else. Ahh, the horrorshow groodies.

I’m wearing my Dr. Martens Mary Jane shoes. Mary Janes were extremely popular in the 90s, along with chunky heels and creepers. I remember wearing my first platform sneakers when I was ten or eleven years old. You wear the sneakers or you don’t wear anything.

Dr Martens and Topshop Socks

I’m showing off my Mary Janes from Doc Martens and my frilly socks that I got from Topshop. Topshop has a variety of socks for boots, ankle socks and frilly socks that are available in different pastel colors – purple, black, green, pink etc. They are made of cotton. I prefer cotton socks, they’re really comfortable and won’t hurt your feet at all. It’s as though you’re walking on the clouds or something. Clouds make me feel sleepy too, like the way grasses do.

I love socks with very cute designs and laces. There is a strong feeling of euphoria and nostalgia each time I see cute socks. Back in the 90s, I remember teenagers wearing knee high colorful socks with dyed hair. Socks are undeniably another fashion tool to show your fashion style.

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The Love For Suspender Skirts and Harajuku Fashion

The Love For Suspender Skirts and Harajuku Fashion



The fit and flare style is definitely not a fresh concept.  Yes, skater skirts were literally worn by figure skaters.  Flared skirts with bright colors- skaters began to wear them back in the old days.  Now they’re shorter, more modern and flared.


We’re done with skater skirts. And don’t forget the peplum dresses.  Because skater skirts become too mainstream, the fashion industry did some modifications. Although the suspender skirt idea is still not considered original and fresh, at least suspenders are cute and edgy.  Suspenders actually remind me of those androgynous looking guys in Lady Gaga’s video and  Jack of Titanic- my most vivid memories of suspenders.


I’m not really a fan of skirts. Oh well, let’s see.

Harajuku culture or fashion is popular worldwide. Even Gwen Stefani fell in love with it. The Harajuku Girls were featured in her stage shows and some Gwen Stefani music videos online.


If you like Tokyo fashion or anything Harajuku, then you should check these kawaii photos:


This Harajuku girl is wearing a Kawi Jamele plaid suspender skirt. You can click here for more details about her outfit.
She’s wearing her suspenders from H&M paired with her gingham shirt. Click here to see detailed photos of the whole outfit.
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