Lifestyle Changes For Good Skin

Lifestyle Changes For Good Skin


Beauty portrait of funny tied hands woman

Good skin doesn’t simply come from good topical applications. It comes from a lifestyle that makes the right choices and health decisions.

Lots of things affect our skin, the sun, the food we eat, our hormones, our mental state and the list goes on. We’ll look at the major lifestyle changes you need to make for healthy skin.

  1. Cut out cigarettes

Smoking causes wrinkles. It can speed up the aging process in the skin.  Nicotine is a potent vasoconstrictor, it contracts blood vessels leading to a decrease in blood supply and nutrients to the skin. These changes are likely to be seen after a decade of smoking.

  1. Sleep well

For every hour of sleep lost, the psychological stress in a person increases by 14%. And with a lack of sleep, the body starts to release a stress hormone, called glucocorticoid. This alters the skin cells and can exacerbate acne or precipitate it. For those who has skin problem, lack of sleep can worsen their condition but you can visit Facing Acne to check for remedies on your problem. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep and if you have difficulty sleeping, lower the temperature to 65F. Lower temperatures are proven to enable sleep.

  1. Eat a balanced diet.

Refined sugars and fats tend to increase the blood sugar levels rapidly which in turn boost the production of insulin. Insulin increases the sebum and oil production in our pores. So try and get more whole grains and cereals that gradually increase the sugar level in the blood. Eat fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and enzymes that boost collagen production, make the skin more elastic and neutralize free radicals in the skin.

  1. Exercise regularly

A regular workout has many benefits, but the best of them all is that it increases blood flow to all parts of the body, including your skin. With increased blood flow to the skin, it carries away many harmful toxins and brings nutrients to the skin. Thus, flushing out debris and cleansing the system. Exercise has also proven to reduce stress levels which in turn will reduce the glucocorticoid production in the body.

  1. Stay out of the Sun

The sun is responsible for the production of Vitamin D in the skin but it’s important to remember that ultraviolet light can be harmful. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light damages the skin and causes it to age by a process called photoaging. Ultraviolet A light can also genetically modify cells making them cancerous. So stay out of the sun and if outside wear your sunscreen with SPF +30. Reapply every two hours if you’re outside continuously.

  1. Hydrate

There’s a lot of debate as to how much water is required per day. But it’s not just your skin but your body that needs to be hydrated. 70% of our body is made of water and water is required for many functions including flushing out toxins and filtering blood. It has been shown that as much as two cups of water boost blood flow throughout the body.

  1. Keep your hair out of your face.

While bangs and flicks might be cute, sometimes hair products can cause you to break out. The chemicals in pomade, gels, shampoos and hair sprays may be hair friendly but not skin friendly. These chemicals tend to block the pores causing a skin reaction and breakouts. You may want to rethink your hair products if your hair is always in your face, otherwise, try and keep your hair away from your face.

  1. Hygiene

Good hygiene is paramount for good skin. This involves changing your pillow weekly, cleaning your cell phone,

exfoliating and cleansing your own skin and removing makeup before bed. All these are extremely important in preventing infections, keeping your pores clean and open and staving off acne. Pillows, cell phones, and makeup can harbor dead skin cells and bacteria for a long time. These then become breeding grounds for infections.

A few lifestyle changes can go a long way when it comes to healthy glowing skin. In addition, to these, you can reduce alcohol, take supplements and use fewer chemicals to maintain youthful skin.

These simple changes can affect the way your skin looks and feels without needing too many products. Try them out for glowing skin and see if it makes a difference.

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All Natural and Organic KJM Cheek and Lip Tint Review | Korean Lip Stain Addiction

All Natural and Organic KJM Cheek and Lip Tint Review | Korean Lip Stain Addiction

KJM Cheek and Lip Stain


Rest in peace matte lipsticks, may you find solace inside my refrigerator (refrigerate your lipsticks at your own risk). I’m almost done with matte lipsticks and though I’m sometimes tempted to buy Kylie lipsticks every time  I see Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account, I’m in a happy relationship with my lip tints – I feel young and very Korean since Korean makeup mostly includes eyeliners and lip tints. You can be Lee Min Ho’s Suzy Bae with a pink lip tint. Lip tints just keep my mind working each time I see Lee Min Ho in a dark suit. And don’t forget the cheek tints  – they make you look younger. What a cute way to cheat aging.


Lip Tints


I’ve posted my Benefit Benetint review before and though I have positive views about Benefit Lip and Cheek Tint, I still continue looking for cheaper alternatives. A friend recommended KJM Cheek and Lip Stains since it’s a Davao-based company and all products are organic. I’m not a native of Davao City but this is my second home since I’ve been staying here for almost 14 years and it’s good to hear that we have locally made lip tints patronized nationwide. Although I’ve done some laser tattoo removal sessions a few months back and I openly support people who choose to undergo plastic surgeries, I still choose natural products to enhance my looks.  Also, I love organic beauty products. I choose organic products for my skin nowadays after I had my skin health evaluation to help skin doctors determine how to treat skin related problems.  It’s good to look beautiful by applying your favorite makeup products without any worries if the products contain harmful chemicals that are bad for you. That’s why I love SkinFood because of their all natural based cosmetic products. The prices are higher as compared to other Korean products but I trust them better than Etude especially when it comes to skincare products.


KMJ Cheek and Lip Tints



What to love about KJM Lip Stains ♥


Variety of shades 

Although Benefit’s Benetint lasts longer, as far as I know, they only have four shades available and the colors are similar. I was ignorant to believe that lip tints are only available in pink and red shades. KJM offers a variety of colors and I love all of them. Having different shades means having different cheek colors to match your lips. The shades are beautiful. You can put it unevenly if you want your lips to look like your favorite Korean stars. I bought three KJM Cheek and Lip tints and here are my thoughts about their shades:


KJM Pink Puff Tint

KMJ Cheek and Lip Tint

I love that it blends perfectly with the natural color of my lips. It looks subtle and natural. It also gives a nice shade for your cheeks especially if you have a fair complexion.


KJM Bewitched

KMJ Cheek and Lip Tint


The color is great. Last year, I purchased MAC Instigator because the shade reminds me of Drew Barrymore or Buffy The Vampire  Slayer or 90s girls who are always the movie antagonists because they wear darker lipstick shades. Although my MAC Instigator’s really good, I realized it’s not for me, it’s too matte and attention-grabbing. Thanks to KJM Bewitched, I can wear a darker shade without worrying much about my having my lips look too defined.


KMJ Bloodshot

KMJ Cheek and Lip Tint


A lot of girls will surely love this bloody red shade. I’m not really a fan of blood red lips so this is my least favorite among my lip tints. My friend who loves red lipsticks likes wearing this shade. Not everybody can pull off wearing a very red lipstick and that includes me. I prefer the Bittersweet Magenta because the color is somehow similar to Benetint’s rose-tinted cheek and lip stain.


It quickly dries up

After application, it dries up easily making the color appear subtle yet natural. I love that it dries up quickly because it stays on and naturally blends with the lips. It’s a bit watery yet pigmented.

Stays long

Though Benefit Benetint lasts longer, as compared to other cheaper cheek and lip tints, KJM lip stains stay longer, especially on your cheeks. For the lips, the stain doesn’t last long as compared to your cheeks. You still need to reapply after eating or drinking.



It’s not easy to find cheap cosmetic products nowadays. And while I’ve been using Benetint for almost three years now, I still look for cheaper alternatives that’s why if you check my pouch, I have cheek and lip tints from Etude, Body Shop, and Tony Moly. But KJM Cheek and Lip Stains are way cheaper than any of such cosmetic brands. The lip tint is available for only 110php so what’s not to love about this product?



Everybody wants organic products. It’s one way to feel less guilty about eating junk foods and not exercising a lot. As much as possible, I try to buy organic and natural products. For my dark under eyes, I apply organic sunflower oil from Human Nature ( you can check my Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil review). I use Human Nature’s Tomato Facial Scrub for my face and Human Nature’s 100% natural mosquito repellent spray whenever I do outdoor activities. It’s a relief that KJM Lip and Cheek Tints are natural and organic.

No smell

It has no smell. I was told by a friend who bought a fake KMJ lip tint that the fake ones had a very strong smell.

Roll-on type

I love the packaging and the container because it’s not prone to spilling. It’s a roll-on type of lip and cheek stain that you can slip inside your pouch or pockets without spilling a single drop.


KMJ Cheek Stains




What I don’t like about the product Χ


Stays longer on the cheeks rather than lips

I love lip tints and the fact that KJM Stain lasts longer on the cheeks rather than lips is frustrating.




KMJ Cheek and Lip Tint is the cheapest, safest and one of the best products I bought so far. I’d definitely recommend it to my friends and to those cheek and lip tints addicts out there.


 KMJ Lip Stain

Using KMJ Bewitched Lip Stain



For Davao-based buyers, you can visit their store at:

Sonia’s Gift Shop, Aldevinco Shopping Center, CM Recto Street, Davao City, 8000

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Confessions Of A First Time EvaCup Menstrual Cup User

Confessions Of A First Time EvaCup Menstrual Cup User

Reusable menstrual cups


Raised in a religious society, the thought of inserting a reusable menstrual cup inside my vulva was way too creepy with Hellraiser movie scenes playing inside my head – the Female cenobite speaking in a harsh voice and Pinhead torturing a willing victim, his flesh torn into pieces ( insert interesting sound effects). Looking at the cup’s rim feels as though Pinhead’s ripping my vaginal flesh with a period cup. I tend to exaggerate things. You don’t want to get inside my ugly head. I’m sorry.


Hellraiser Pinhead


For girls coming from third world countries, the idea of using a menstrual cup might sound weird and too advanced. But sanitary pads are your silent killers. Sanitary pads materials contain chemicals that you don’t want to be near your vagina. And nobody can ever convince me to wear tampons. Like sanitary napkins, tampons have medical side effects. Wearing a feminine cup is my last resort.


If you check some menstrual cup reviews online, they always have the best things to say about DivaCup. One of the reasons why I didn’t choose DivaCup is because it’s too pricey so I chose EvaCup instead.


Personal Review of Anigan’s  EvaCup Feminine Cup


Company Profile

Anigan’s EvaCup is based in California, USA. The company focuses on producing safe feminine hygiene products for women, especially menstrual products such as period cups, first period kits, menstrual accessories such as warmers to ease menstrual cramps, and stain-free period panties.


EvaCup Menstrual Cup


What I like About The Cup ♥


Cute Packaging


EvaCup Menstrual Cup

Period Cup

Feminine Cup


I love the packaging, it’s too hip and cute. I’ve seen the packaging of DivaCup but EvaCup has better packaging, making first timers like me feel less nervous about shoving a cup inside. It gives the impression that getting your period is okay because you have the choice to use colorful cups to make you feel better.


Also, you can easily bring your cup with you because it includes a colorful pouch that doesn’t say you’re carrying a feminine cup with you.


Simple Color and Design

 Feminine Cup Review


EvaCup’s design is okay, nothing really unique about it except that it looks manageable. It’s easy to clean because it doesn’t have ridges like other cups. It looks simple and easy to use, nothing complicated with the design, which is good news for first-time users.


I chose a pink period cup because it makes me feel warm and girly. Anigan EvaCup has many cute cup colors available, which is fun because you’re more occupied about choosing your favorite colors rather than thinking negatively about your period and how it’s going to change your way of life in a very short period of time.




A first time cup user surely has doubts when it comes to menstrual leaks. I was skeptical the first time I inserted it. It was the second day of my period and it wasn’t heavy flow unlike the first day. There was no leakage and I was comfortable not wearing any pads at all. I don’t usually have heavy bleeding during my menstrual cycle. I don’t know with other girls who really have heavy period flow. Based on some personal reviews, one of the reasons why users love EvaCup is it doesn’t leak. Be reminded that the capability of a cup to hold fluid depends on the heaviness of your menstrual flow.


Safe and Comfortable

EvaCup Review

Menstrual cups


It would be a big lie to say that I felt comfortable with the cup the first time I used it. Perhaps the biggest reason why it felt alright was the fact that it’s made from silicone. The cup is flexible yet firm inside, enough to convince you that your menstrual blood won’t gush out from the cup. I didn’t feel any ridges or sharp objects inside me, contrary to what my mind was telling me the first time I laid my eyes on the cup’s stem.


Reusable and Affordable

As compared to DivaCup, one of the popular feminine cup brands online, EvaCup is cheaper. The price depends on who’s selling it but it’s being sold for $18.99 to $24.99. I bought my EvaCup Single Pack for only $24.99.  Imagine the amount of money you need to spend every month for your sanitary pads or reusable tampons. You’re lucky if your country doesn’t impose taxes on feminine hygiene products. If you read some menstrual cup reviews submitted by real users, you will find out that while DivaCup is indeed a household name in the world of menstruation cups, there are still users who prefer EvaCup simply because it’s affordable and the quality is competitive with the other expensive cup brands.


Easy To Clean and Sterilize

Anigan website ideally suggests using a microwave to sterilize the silicone menstrual cup. However, if you’re traveling, you can sterilize it by pouring hot water in the cup. Like I said, its simple design makes it easier for me to clean my cup, no ridges to worry about.


Step by Step Instructions

Menstrual Cup

EvaCup Menstrual Cup


Although there are detailed video instructions online, it’s still a relief to know that EvaCup’s packaging contains detailed instructions that are very helpful for first-time users like me. The box has a tiny booklet that shows step by step instructions on how to properly insert the cup.


What I Don’t Like About The Cup   Χ




Apart from the design, the sizing of the cup is also considered one of the important factors to determine what menstrual cup brand you should buy. Menstrual cup brands have different sizes.

I’ve read in some reviews that Asian consumers usually have problems with the cup sizes. In my case, I chose the Size 1 Small EvaCup thinking it would fit me because Asians are petite and smaller than other races. When the menstrual cup was delivered to me, I was already worried about the size. When I saw the cup, I was a bit disappointed. Although the cup was cute and flexible, I was still upset about the sizing. In the website, it was stated there that EvaCup Size One is for women who haven’t given birth yet (vaginally) and who are considered young adults with petite body types. I’m not petite, I have a semi medium body size and I’ve given birth through C-section but the cup was large and long for me. I’ve read testimonies and comments from cup users with the same brand and only a few of them complained about the size. Perhaps the majority of the users are Americans or Caucasians.


Read the cup size details carefully. If you’re Asian, check testimonies from Asian users and get suggestions from them.



Thick Base

 Period Cup Review

I love that the body of the cup is soft and flexible. However, though the rim is soft, it feels thick inside. I find the rim’s thickness uncomfortable even after a number of insertion trials. The rim is firm inside yet I feel like it’s too wide and too thick for me.


Short Stem

Although a lot of girls prefer short-stemmed cups, I prefer longer ones. Maybe because it makes me feel at ease that my vagina won’t swallow up the cup and if it does, I can easily pull it out. Of course, I’m exaggerating scenarios. I’m a bit uncomfortable with EvaCup’s short stem but like I said, it depends on your vagina’s length or depth.


Inconvenient and Time-Consuming

The idea of emptying the feminine cup after every three or four hours can be exhausting. Bathroom trips can be much of hassle especially if you’re busy working in the office. Also, you’re lucky if your bathroom has hot water so it’s easy to sterilize the cup even when you’re at work.  You can actually buy a menstrual cup with a collapsible sterilizing cup if you’re going to buy Anigan’s Period Kit. I’m planning to buy a cup one of these days. My problem is that I need to have it shipped here in the Philippines, which means I have to spend money again for the shipping fee.



I love my EvaCup. The cup’s simple design helps me stay calm and feel at ease. It doesn’t look intimidating, its color and simplicity are comforting. I’m not a tampon user and I haven’t used tampons before. It’s quite a challenge for menstrual cup companies to market their products in a country where tampons are never heard of and sanitary pads can be bought even in small grocery stores in suburban areas.

Although the legitimacy of the cup’s safety claims needs a lot of time for users to confirm, it still makes me feel better that I’ve switched from sanitary pads to menstrual cups. According to the company’s website, Anigan’s EvaCup is made from high-grade medical silicone and the materials are FDA approved so you don’t need to worry about getting cancer or any serious medical conditions through wearing tampons or sanitary pads. One of the major reasons why women consider wearing menstrual cups is basically because of our increasing concerns about the safety of pads and tampons.

I would surely recommend EvaCup to my girlfriends. Although I’ve never tried using other cups, I think EvaCup is the best choice because it’s much more affordable than other cups with the same quality standards. Also, I’ve never experienced any allergies since I started using EvaCup. Time to say goodbye to allergies from using sanitary pads.

After checking some online user comments and reviews, I realize that size is an important factor in rating a menstrual cup. It would be great if the company will produce smaller cups for Asian cup users like me.

I’ve read about vaginal infections experienced by most girls wearing EvaCup period cups. Fortunately, I’ve never experienced any infections and I’m still in a healthy relationship with my cup. I hope the company takes much time to check such complaints and reevaluate the cups. There are other possible reasons why they experienced infection, for instance, if the cup wasn’t properly sterilized after using it or if they have extra sensitive vaginal area.


Where to buy menstrual cup

You can buy menstruation cups online. Check the rating and reviews by real users. There are other menstrual cup brands to choose from, for instance, Lunette Cups and Super Jennie feminine cups.

  Menstrual cup reviews

I’m sorry for reminding you about some graphic scenes in Hellraiser movies. I love the Female cenobite and it would be interesting if they can show menstrual blood stains on her leather robe. Menstruation is beautiful. Womanhood is beautiful.

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April Skin Magic Snow Korean Cushion Foundation Review

April Skin Magic Snow Korean Cushion Foundation Review

Korean cushion foundation products like AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion are all the rage. The popularity of Korean soap operas gave way to the rise of Korean beauty products in the market. Admit it, we are all drawn to dewy Korean skin. Every girl in my generation dreams to find the best tip on how to achieve that youthful and glowing Korean skin. The first tip is to get rid of your acne scars. After my laser tattoo removal, I realized there are so many things you can do with the PicoSure laser technology – you can instantly get rid of your pimple marks in less than 20 minutes.

I don’t know with you but I wasn’t very much into Korean beauty products like BB creams, moisturizers, and lip tints that make you look Korean until I finally got my own April Skin Magic Snow Cushion just to end my curiosity and check what the hype was all about.

And it really isn’t just all hype.  It is a Korean cushion foundation that is a perfect combination of BB and CC cream but with a much more impressive formula.  So yes, it’s not your ordinary traditional foundation, in my opinion. I decided to buy a cushion foundation for the first time and write my AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion review.


April Skin Magic Snow Cushion


The April Skin Magic Snow Cushion (SPF50+,PA+++) case is semi-matte and the whole package somehow gives an impression that they aren’t playing around. The packaging is beautiful, though it’s not the usual cute Korean cosmetic packaging you would expect.  This is April Skin shade #21.


April Skin Magic Snow Cushion April Skin Magic Snow Cushion April Skin Magic Snow Cushion

Now you see the powder puff and the mirror. By the way, peel off the cover and you’ll like the awesomeness of this mirror.


AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation

The sponge is soaked with the formula. It doesn’t spill and doesn’t get messy unless if you take out the sponge.

What I Like About The Product


Gives a fresh and dewy feel

It has a cooling effect and builds upon your skin. It also gives a smooth natural finish and moisture. It easily absorbs and has a flawless effect and can really brighten your face. A lot of bloggers say it’s semi-matte. It does look semi-matte in the first few minutes of application but I think after a few more minutes it becomes dewy and gives your face a much more moisturized soft look. 

If you’re aiming for a natural dewy look without spending much, check this article: Filipino Organic Beauty Brands That Actually Work


AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation ReviewAprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation Review

Doesn’t cake

This is really my problem with liquid and powder foundation. They’re too cakey and heavy.  I like AprilSkin because the cushion is too light and thin on the skin.


High SPF 

It actually has SPF50 to protect you from redness, sunburn and premature aging. Honestly, using products with high SPF makes me feel good about myself. Girls go crazy over cosmetic products with high SPF.


Stays long

I applied it to my face at 3pm and to test if it’s really long lasting, I let it stay overnight without washing my face. I woke up and was surprised how it still covered my pores (not fully though) even without reapplying.


It conceals dark spots, pores, and pimples

I have dark under eyes and somehow April Skin works as a concealer too. I don’t need to use loads of concealer to hide the dark circles around my eyes.

AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation


Not messy and has good packaging

The cushion is not messy at all. You can drop the whole thing without feeling too guilty about breaking it. Actually a few months ago, I broke my compact powder, got frustrated and opted to choose my Naturactor and bought a liquid foundation instead.  I have dark under eyes and somehow April Skin works as a concealer too. I don’t need to use loads of concealer to hide the dark circles around my eyes.


Chifure Powder Foundation


Unlike other foundation, April Skin prevents aging skin

We all love anti-aging products that is why more women keep searching where to buy anti-aging products and supplements. Not all face powders and foundation products contain anti-aging agents for your skin. However, the foundation is not recommended if your lifestyle includes staying longer under the sun. Overexposure to sunlight should be avoided. It’s better to consult your doctor on how to determine future aging treatments.

April Skin Magic Snow Foundation


What I Don’t Like About The Product


The package seems too big for its content

When I got the product, I was a bit disappointed when I found out that it was too light. I checked inside and felt cheated because if you squeeze the soaked sponge, you’ll notice that there’s only a small amount of liquid foundation. The content is too small for its price. Lesson: Don’t expect too much.


The cushion is not refillable

Most face powders are refillable. This cushion isn’t. I think one of the things buyers should consider when buying powders is if it can be refilled.


Sometimes it looks too light on your skin

It’s hard to buy foundation and face powders without knowing the right shade for you. Some products have different shades that complement different types of skin. Maybe the shade is too light for my skin type or what. But it’s okay I think it depends on the application. You can also check online to choose different April Skin Cushion Foundation shades based on where you are living ( in my case, this one is ideal for those who are living in tropical countries). 


April Skin Magic Snow Foundation


The powder puff isn’t soft

After weeks of constant use, the powder puff looks dirty and not really soft when you pat it on your face. Or maybe I’m just really used to using my own fingers or brush whenever I use face powders or liquid foundation. Every now and then I sanitize my powder puff and use antibacterial liquid soap.


Final Thoughts

To be fair, the product is really nice. I like the fact that it moisturizes my face and it’s perfect for me because I have oily skin. I chose the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Black because according to their website, it’s the best choice if you live in a tropical country like the Philippines. Although this product is already expensive, I think it’s an alternative to a more expensive product like Laneige.


Will I repurchase?

For sure! Buying Korean cosmetics online is just one of the things that make me feel better about aging.



Amazon – $16.99

FaceBook and Instagram Sellers – 900php to 1500php


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