Starving Artists

Starving Artists


A writer eats books when he or she is hungry of ideas. A painter eats paintbrushes and paintings to artistically vomit on the canvass. A director eats a number of DVDs to direct good films. Artists don’t only get starved like ordinary human beings starving for pathetic human food, they starve as gods, merely as artists.

Remember J.K. Rowling, the wizard behind Harry Potter? Before you knew Harry as the boy wizard at Hogwarts School of Magic and Wizardry, Rowling was just another ordinary writer with unpublished works saved in her computer’s hard disk. Now, she is earning millions, thanks to her imagination. Her starvation for creative ideas continually motivates her to write.

While writers eat books of other favorite authors, painters continually eat paintings. A painter doesn’t only paint on a canvass. A painter paints on his mind before he starts on the canvass. He paints of a concept before he paints of an image. Painters present their works, find some professional to handle their art presentations and art shipping to other famous art galleries. After Picasso and other popular painters painted their famous masterpieces for the world to see, they went home, slept and the next day, they starved for another concept to paint.

Starving artists are artistically starving artists with artistically starving hearts and brains, all for one artistic purpose- to produce and give meaning to art.

Art and Religion

The artwork portrays Jesus Christ in his desperate state to take his bite of the baby. This is a contemporary art which reminds me how the “enlightened people” see religion as a poison that will slowly corrupt and kill the freedom of the human minds. The baby represents religion’s corruption from the day that we were born, making us prisoners of our own ignorance.

Though the evil side of religion is the main keyword in this fine art, your dedication to religion should not be considered as a hindrance to appreciate this piece of art. With the artistic details of the figure of Christ and the artist’s skill in color pencils, this is definitely a reflection of a mind explored artwork for believers and non believers.