Suspender Skirts (and Harajuku)

Mar 20, 2015 | Fashion Journal


The fit and flare style is definitely not a fresh concept.  Yes, skater skirts were literally worn by figure skaters.  Flared skirts with bright colors- skaters began to wear them back in the old days.  Now they’re shorter, more modern and flared.

We’re done with skater skirts. And don’t forget the peplum dresses.  Because skater skirts become too mainstream, the fashion industry did some modifications. Although the suspender skirt idea is still not considered original and fresh, at least suspenders are cute and edgy.  Suspenders actually remind me of those androgynous looking guys in Lady Gaga’s video and  Jack of Titanic- my most vivid memories of suspenders.

I’m not really a fan of skirts. Oh well, let’s see.

Harajuku culture or fashion is popular worldwide. Even Gwen Stefani fell in love with it. The Harajuku Girls were featured in her stage shows and some Gwen Stefani music videos online.

If you like Tokyo fashion or anything Harajuku, then you should check these kawaii photos:

This Harajuku girl is wearing a Kawi Jamele plaid suspender skirt. You can click here for more details about her outfit.
She’s wearing her suspenders from H&M paired with her gingham shirt. Click here to see detailed photos of the whole outfit.

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