Music Review: Rendezvous and Electro pop

by | Jan 30, 2010 | Music

Rendezvous is not just another electro pop genre influenced band. There are actually two best words that describe the band’s music: not stereotypical and experimental.

When you listen to other pop songs, you just can’t help but remember other stereotypical pop bands. It’s a basic human instinct, you tend to compare and relate. This instinct is the same when we listen to music-we criticize. That is how I listen to Rendezvous– I offer a critique.

The Rendezvous band is able to produce singles that are definitely beyond what is defined as “not stereotypical”. The different yet calming groove of each song makes it easier for you to love the genre and each of the band member’s talent. Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg are just confident with their musical talent that they are motivated enough to try experimenting with the band’s genre.

If you want to listen to a different electronica band, then Rendezvous is another band definitely not worth ignoring for. Listen to their music and learn to understand why you should listen to their upcoming album.



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