love and nicotine

by | Mar 21, 2009 | Stories

 The_Kiss_by_NicotineDesire your shirts drenched with sweat

  you sat on the sand

  you felt holy wearing the nicotine on your shirt

  i felt holy wearing nothing but hate

  you reclaimed sanity with your words drifting in the waves

  i reclaimed sanity with this anger growing in my head

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I’m a wannabe blogger who loves the 90s and Dr. Martens, an annoying mother and a jealous fan of A.M. Homes.

This blog is a reflection of my struggles to stay sober, creative and relevant for the past eight years. I deal with my very minor (perhaps imaginary) social anxieties through blogging about beauty products that I bought compulsively and conquering awkward feelings whenever I face the camera to awkwardly share my fashion outfits.

It’s orgasmic to finally let go of my thoughts and live different lives. Adios. May you find solace in other realms of the universe.


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  1. propagandist101 have to think deeper into the poem. you have to go beyond the physical part of the poem..

  2. Raja_Vengeance

    taht’s a poem?that’s a little difficult to understand..(my brain still not work)

  3. Rahul Sharma

    Nopes! Just take it in the vein, “Punctuality is the virtue of the bored.”

  4. propagandist101

    Yes, and you’re cool too for having the radical brain to understand the whole idea of the poem:-) I’ll be posting more poems in my blog, hope you’ll be updated:-)

  5. Akiko

    radical.. i loved it. keep up the cool job.

  6. Rahul Sharma

    That is a heavy poem. Hope the sanity stays, if you want it to.

    • propagandist101

      Sometimes, sanity bores me:-) Should i consider it unusual?

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