Why Metal Fans Should Give ElectroPop A Chance

by | Jan 17, 2010 | Music

When a woman is bored, she either go shop or listens to music. I say listen to music, then go shopping.

There are three things that come to my mind each time I hear the word metal- heavy (the normal LSD inspired term way back when LSD was the thing), lullaby (because I tend to sleep when I hear loud screams and heavy riffs when I’m on my bed) and love (because it’s marked as counterculture and I believe that one of the primary aims of metal is to seek their own reality, to create reality by starting to create what is unreal).


Metal, in its sweetest form, is love. It’s an obsession to destroy and recreate reality. It’s an obsession that motivates another obsession. And while metal is a misunderstood genre- mostly by the conservative society who believes that metal is influenced by a satanic force, that those who love the genre is automatically considered satanic, metal as a genre continues to survive.

Here’s another subgenre that makes me think of clouds- shoegaze. While shoegaze band members tend to look down on their shoes while performing in their detached state of mind, thus shoegazing, I am thinking of clouds. I’m enjoying the fact that each morning, I’m shoegazing with Swervedriver, My Bloody Valentine and other shoegaze bands.


And while metal and shoegaze alter my subconscious mind, I am currently in a quest to understand electro pop. Electro pop is another genre which ignites a little curiosity in me. It’s a pop culture genre yet slowly I connect myself to pop culture, to understand pop culture in its beautiful form. And here’s the time when I listen to Rendezvous.

Let me tell you about the Rendezvous Band. Rendezvous is basically an electro pop influenced band which struggles to introduce a new impression on the world of music. Listen to Rendezvous and you’ll surely feel a different kind of music, soothing and definitely calming. The band features Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg as the two members who are able to mix their craft together. There are actually tow best words to describe their music- experimental and instrumental. The word Rendezvous is defined as a meeting planned at a certain time and place. Perhaps each member has its own desire to create perfect music, experimenting on different forms and then end up with a beautiful piece. Listen to Rendezvous and feel the music. Another reason to listen to Rendezvous especially if you’re a fan of Depeche Mode, is that they collaborated with the producer Dave Bascombe who was also the mixer and producer of the popular band.

While electro pop is definitely a different thing compared to metal, every genre struggles to CREATE, RECREATE and CREATE again.


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I’m a wannabe blogger who loves the 90s and Dr. Martens, an annoying mother and a jealous fan of A.M. Homes.

This blog is a reflection of my struggles to stay sober, creative and relevant for the past eight years. I deal with my very minor (perhaps imaginary) social anxieties through blogging about beauty products that I bought compulsively and conquering awkward feelings whenever I face the camera to awkwardly share my fashion outfits.

It’s orgasmic to finally let go of my thoughts and live different lives. Adios. May you find solace in other realms of the universe.


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  1. ollielevins

    Wow, this is truly refreshing the transition of music today. Looks like this band is something, I gotta check this out!

  2. Rahul Sharma

    Shop while you listen to music?

  3. Thea Sorroche

    Hi Karl

    Yes, i too love metal. There will be more metal songs playing here on my page the next time you hang around.

  4. Karl

    You hit bullseye with your comment about metal. Big fan of the genre here, and all its freaky sub-genres m/

  5. Teya Sorroche- Guillermo

    Hi Gerald,,

    I’m converting your file because it’s an open office document:-(

    I do appreciate the effort. I can’t wait to read the Lourd de Veyra influence in you.

    More poems to come Gerald.

  6. Gerald

    Dear Teya,

    Ive already sent you, 3 of them, I hope you could comment on them thanks,
    …These are morsels of my whole existence…

  7. Teya Sorroche- Guillermo

    Thanks boy kidlat for the appreciation. I’ve always struggled to write words and sentences that are making sense here on my page. Good luck in your journey towards creativity..

    Yes, shoegazing is a cool term. i should have written more about shoegazing and their culture..Are you hosting a radio program? Good for you..I’ve viewed your blog. Nice:-)

  8. boykidlat

    Im so glad I found your blog… this is a totally refreshing high from all the childish and nosensical blogs that ‘I am accustomed to see at the blogosphere. It pushes me to write in my original true form again. my next post will be my retransformation back to the gracefully explosive nature of poetical creativity.

    shoegazing is a new term for me… kewl. I only found out about it just now. I will actually make it a feature topic on my radio program tommorow. ^^

  9. Teya Sorroche- Guillermo

    It’s janellesorroche@yahoo.com. Send them..I’d be happy to read them..yes, there is such a thing as Poetry subject. i used to have one 🙂

  10. Gerald


    sure…. what is your e-mail add? i’ll send you 3 of my most recent…
    Poetry has become one of my staple food now, kung meron lang sanang profession na poetry…. Good night..

  11. Teya Sorroche- Guillermo

    Hi Gerald,

    It’s been a long time since i started posting again..forgive me for my dying motivation..I love metal but hey i’m open to different genres, i do respect every human being’s desire to create their own realities.

    Lamb of God is definitely god. But i like the previous albums compared to the new one. So what do you think about electro pop? Try listening to rendezvous and leave a comment 🙂

    Yes, alesana is also a good band..I used to listen to their music way back, now I’m spending more time reading books. And yes, i love radioactive sago project. Lourd de Veyra is god, man. i like his poems and songs. Tsktsk..He’s also my motivation, in a way..

    I’ll visit your blog now and read your poems. I was expecting you’ll send it to me via email. 🙂

    No, I don’t have a copy of his book. I read compiled poems:-)

  12. Gerald

    Hi Teya,

    Punk Rock greetings to you! I forgot to tell you that im a heavy metal listener too, and i know what it feels to be alienated with people who mark us as bale persons just because of our own choice of music.. you are right, metal is the most misunderstood musical genre of this times.i think just its the same as appreciating Enya in a society where Hip-hop bullshit rules…
    I am currently listening The white stripes, Counting Crows… I have heard once of Lamb of god, i think its bed of razors? i love the riff… its like an instant massage to my inner consciousness… ^_^ sweet Lyrics…

    -You’ve commented on my ALESANA post, thanks. i like their music, especially the “Ambrosia” and “Nero’s Decay” because i can relate to it…, ^_^

    ….. I have posted a poem on my blog… If you please ^_^

    By the way., Radioactive sago project has influenced 30% of my poetry. and Lourd De Veyra is a Diety.

    Take care…

    P.s. do you have a copy of his “shadowboxing in headphones” book?

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