PreMenstrual Syndrome OOTD

Fashion and Style   Every girl has her own tricks to deal with her pre-menstrual syndrome. Some girls change their diet while others consider supplements and other forms of medication. Going out while you're having PMS can be a struggle. It's a real struggle that you...

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How To Wear Your High-Waisted Skinny Jeans

We’re bringing back the fashion in the old days – skater skirts, retro vintage, mom jeans and everything high-waisted. In fact, it’s more economical to search for your mom’s old clothes. You might get lucky and find something like your mom’s high waisted shorts,...

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Coachella: Music and Fashion

How do you usually spend your weekends? Well, the usual. You read a good A.M. Homes book or maybe do some DIY stuff and watch The Walking Dead episodes for the 5th time because you have to wait like forever for the next season. Or do the laundry and just be a slob for...

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How I Stole Morpheus’ (The Matrix) Look

While some girls go for vintage fashion or retro fashion, I go for sensible clothes- sensible fashion to be exact. I dress for comfort.  Sometimes maybe too comfortable. I’m wearing a black cardigan that I bought from a thrift store, an acid wash soft denim top and my...

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I’m a wannabe blogger who loves the 90s and Dr. Martens, an annoying mother, a reader of Nick Joaquin and a jealous fan of A.M. Homes.

This blog is a reflection of my struggles to stay sober, creative and relevant for the past eight years. I deal with my very minor (perhaps imaginary) social anxieties through blogging about beauty products that I bought compulsively and conquering awkward feelings whenever I face the camera to awkwardly share my fashion outfits.

It’s orgasmic to finally let go of my thoughts and live different lives. Adios. May you find solace in other realms of the universe.


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