The Rape of Faith

Jan 28, 2009 | Stories

your lips tasted god

or is it god?

whom you wanted to slay

strip him naked

and fuck him on the floor

where his blood trickles

arouse by its smell

you lick his every wounded skin

tasting ancient memories

of Pontius Pilate of Jews of your disciples

taste him raw

hear him moan like a priestess’ prayers

smell his holiness

his sweating armpits

his dirty feet

feel him inside

to purify the blackness of your soul

after all he is a god

-your very own religion

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Teia Sorroche

Teia Sorroche

Sober Girl

I'm a wannabe blogger who loves John Rambo, Dr. Martens and everything 90s, an annoying mother and a jealous fan of A.M. Homes.

About The Blog

This blog is a reflection of my struggles to stay sober, creative and relevant for the past eight years. I deal with my very minor (perhaps imaginary) social anxieties through blogging about beauty products that I bought compulsively and conquering awkward feelings whenever I face the camera to awkwardly share my fashion outfits.

It's orgasmic to finally let go of my thoughts and live different lives. Adios. May you find solace in other realms of the universe.


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