5 Basic Things To Know About Sadako

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Sadako in the well


We know her as the creepy Japanese girl with very long black hair covering her face. She likes to crawl out of the TV screen and scare the hell out of you. She doesn’t talk, she just makes a creepy sound as she crawls. Interestingly, she sounds like a Predator. Scary enough to make you scream. And she’s really flexible. She deserves to be on horror movie shirts, after all, she’s an amazing yet mysterious movie and book character.


Insidious Movie


I’m scared of old-fashioned looking girls, well, they’re beautiful though. One of the creepiest characters of all the horror movies I’ve watched is the mysterious mother of Parker Crane in the movie “Insidious 2“. She was elegant wearing her white vintage dress, pin-up girl hairstyle and matte red lipstick. She was classy and pretty alright, but the moment she appeared on screen with her fingers on her red lips, I totally freaked out. Creepy. And Sadako’s wearing a white dress, she doesn’t look classy though.


Here are some basic facts about Sadako:



1. Her full name is Sadako Yamamura

Sada means chaste and ko means child



2. She has psychic powers

She is capable of projecting images from one’s mind using the nearest reflective surface as her medium. In the movie The Ring, she used her power of nensha to put a curse against a videotape that would kill whoever dared to watch it unless shown to another person within a specific time frame. Nensha is also called projected thermography, psychic photography or nengraphy




3. She’s a hermaphrodite

She has testicular feminization syndrome,  now called as androgen insensitivity syndrome which is a rare genetic disorder. Physically, she appears as a natural woman. However, internally she has no uterus, fallopian tubes or even ovaries. She is sterile and can’t have children.



4. She’s a rape victim

She was raped by a doctor named Nagao Jotaro when she was visiting her father at the hospital. She was killed and thrown in the well. No wonder she has a very vengeful soul. I’m glad those rape victims in India don’t have psychic powers like Sadako. Or else, they might create “The Ring Virus” and kill every man who attempts to sexually abuse them.


5. Sadako has a twin

She split into two identical twins: the good Sadako and the vengeful Sadako.





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