How To Make Your Own Coconut Oil Hair Treatment


I’m no tree hugger but I love organic products, especially natural hair treatments. Also, no one (not even some Pinterest guru) can make me pour vinegar on my head. Everyone’s going crazy over organic coconut oil. Maybe that’s the reason why… Continue Reading

Sick Day Fashion | Mid High Socks | Vans Old Skool

Knee High Socks

    My Fake Poetic Trip I sometimes find comfort being too sad. I love pain because pain ignites ideas. Pain defies the deaths of stories. Pain and madness make me write. It’s like being in a trance and the next… Continue Reading

Benefit Benetint Lip and Cheek Tint Review


I’m afraid I can’t be a regular MAC user any longer. I don’t have any complaints about my MAC lipsticks though. I’d highly recommend and consider MAC as a good lipstick brand. They’re highly pigmented and they don’t come off easily. Plus they have… Continue Reading

Stuck in the 90s | Plaid Dress Fashion


    90s Plaid shirts and dresses remind me of the 90s. It’s nostalgic and surprisingly uncanny. Like Kate Moss, we’re stuck in the 90s. Some 90s kids feel superior, it’s not surprising at all. Perhaps it’s because we’re made… Continue Reading

Fashion Socks And All The Frills

Dr. Martens 1461

 I feel nostalgic. Frilly socks or bobby socks can bring such a very terrible nostalgia. Lace socks remind me of school girls back in the 90s who classically wore their frilly socks and loafers or a pair of Mary Janes. Today lacy socks and knee high socks… Continue Reading